The Faces of Fusion Awards is an event to celebrate the achievements of inspirational individuals and groups in the greater Charlottetown region. As the voice of a younger generation of community builders in Charlottetown, we believe it is important to celebrate our local talent. The Faces of Fusion Awards combined all of the best aspects of FUSION and Charlottetown by celebrating individuals who have played a leadership role in the following categories: Entrepreneurship & Employment, Arts & Culture, Health & Wellness, Urban Development, and Sustainability.

FUSION will also be awarding individuals in the categories of Influencer of the Year, New Islander Award and Volunteer of the Year. The people we are celebrating have made significant achievements, inspired many, and are the foundations of our future. Their work helps make our region a better place to live, work and play. We have every confidence in our achievers, and we want to ensure they are recognized and supported in our broader community.
We believe that showcasing our local talent will only serve to inspire others to strive to achieve their dreams and build our community. Our region is diverse and talented, and we want to ensure that we continue to nurture our talent, celebrate our achievers, and provide inspiration to future generations.

2019 Faces of Fusion Recipients:

New Islander of the Year: Gideon Banahene

Volunteer of the Year: Jennifer Whittaker

Sustainability Award: Trish Viane

Arts and Culture: Suzanne Scott

Entrepreneurship: Steven & Mark Rush

Health and Wellness: Bernadette Currie

Urban Development: Josh Underhay

Influencer of the Year: Ashley Green


Award Categories

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Individuals or groups who have achieved excellence in Health & Wellness.

ARTS & CULTURE: Individuals or groups who have achieved artistic distinction in any medium or contributed to the cultural community in Charlottetown.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & EMPLOYMENT: Individuals or groups who have achieved business or entrepreneurial prominence in the Charlottetown region.

URBAN DEVELOPMENT: Individuals or groups who have achieved excellence in or have contributed to the growth of urban development in Charlottetown.

SUSTAINABILITY: Individuals or groups who have achieved excellence in or have contributed to the implementation of sustainability in Charlottetown.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: An individual who gives tirelessly their time and effort to an action team, an event or a board position.

INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR: Individuals or groups who have demonstrated outstanding community leadership and involvement, contributing to the goal of making Charlottetown the premiere place to live, work and play.

NEW ISLANDER AWARD: An individual who is new to Prince Edward Island and has made a lasting impression or impact on those in the Greater Charlottetown community and has hit the red dirt running.


Eligibility for Nominees

To be eligible for an award, the nominee/applicant must:

1. Be under 40 and no younger than 19 years of age;
2. Be a resident of or work in the Greater Charlottetown Area;
3. Complete the enclosed application form and submit it with the required supporting documentation.


Conditions of Awards

1. Applications may be made by the applicant, or nominations may be made by a third party on behalf of an individual or group.
2. Applicants/Nominees must be a resident of the greater Charlottetown area.
3. If application is made by a third party nominator, the nominee must consent prior to being awarded any award by FUSION Charlottetown Inc.
4. Nominations must be RECEIVED on or before 12:00 pm (noon) on the 24th of May 2018.
5. The Selection Committee shall review all applications received by the deadline date.
6. In order for an application to be accepted, it must include each of the components outlined below.
7. Applications received after the deadline date and incomplete applications may not be reviewed by the Selection Committee.
8. Any individual or group being considered for more than one award category shall be required to submit a separate application form and accompanying documentation for each category.
9. Applicants/nominees must agree that FUSION Charlottetown Inc. may use all photos and biographical information for promotional and/or publicity purposes only.